Freightliner Radiator, Fits Century, Columbia FL, FLD112-120 Series Photo Main

Freightliner Radiator, Fits Century, Columbia FL, FLD112-120 Series

Item # 43047P

This Freightliner aluminum core, plastic tank radiator without a frame and without an oil cooler, fits a Freightliner Century and Freighliner Columbia FL, Freighltiner FLD 112 - 120 series for years 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004. The VENT TUBE IS ON OUTLET TANK (right side). The inlet and outlet are 2 1/2. The core size is 36 x 31 5/8 x 2. For same radiator with vent tube on inlet tank see Ace # 43014P.

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OEM PART NUMBERS: D3774, CHS23, 20090219162511, BHTA6724, BHTA6727, BHTA6728, E0807, BHTE0805, DHTFR1301B0023, A6724, A6728, A6725, E0805, A6727, EXO3AH00200SP, BHT68925, A0519502000, BHTA6725002, 3AH00243SP, A0519502002, BHT1SA00207, 3AH00192SP, 0516255000, BHT1SA00209, 0516255001, 3AH00200SP, BHT1SA00210, BHT72105, BHT70012, BHT1SA00211, BHT69995, BHTA6729, A6725002, BHTD3774,BHTE0807, A6729, 72110, 72113, 72117, 0516255002, 6805000603, 1AH00061R, 1AH00062R, 1AH00081, 1AH00081R, A0519502001, A0519502003, A0519502004, A0519502006, A0519502007, A0519502009, B3938, B4761, BHT1AH00061R, BHT1AH00062R, BHT1AH00081, BHT1AH00081R, BHT1SA00208, BHT72110, BHT72113, BHTB3938, BHTB4761, BHTB4763002, BHTC2307, BHTD9463, BHTD9542, BHTD9554, BHTD9563, BHTH9350, BHTH9585, D9463, D9542, D9554, D9563, EXO1AH00061R, EXO1AH00062R, EXO1AH00081, EXO1AH00081R, EXO3AH00192SP, EXO3AH00243SP, H9350, H9585, 1AH00081S, 310081T,239136, A6725102, 800007