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Freightliner Radiator, Fits FLD, Century Class & Business Class

Item # 43022C

This Freightliner radiator is a 3 row - solder-on brass tanks with a copper core. This fits years 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, FLD, CENTURY CLASS & BUSINESS CLASS - Under 425 HP. Brackets are not included, and you must reuse brackets. The inlet and outlet connections are both 2 1/2 and the Core measurments are 36 1/8" x 27 1/2". See OEM numbers for proper fit. As a option an Ace 43022P can be use in plastic tank and alum radiator

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OEM PART NUMBERS: 0516378000, 0516378001, 0516397000, 0516397001, 0516397002, 1AH00060, 1AH00071, 1AH00071R, 1AH00080S, 1AH00080R, 310071T, 3AH00199SP, 6805002203, 9609R, 0516524000, 0516397003, 2AH00080, EX03AH00105ST, 239455, 1AH00080, BHTC1680, 1AH00036R, H0136, C1688, C1724, C2252, C2483, BHTC2481, C2481, BHTH0134, H0134, 239011, C1680, BHTH0136, BHTC1688, BHTC1724, BHTC2252, BHTC2483, BHTC1673, C1673, EXO3AH00193SP, 3AH00193SP, EXO3AH00134SP, 3AH00134SP, EXO1AH00080R, EXO1AH00071R, EXO1AH00071, EXO1AH00080, EXO1AH00022, 1AH00022, EXO1AH00060, BHTP2038001, P2038001, BHT79669, 79669, BHTC7877, C7877, BHTC7880, C7880, BHTF1432, F1432, BHTF1438, F1438, BHTF1444, F1444, BHTG9652, G9652, BHTG9667, G9667, 0525990000, 0525990002, A0525995000, A0525995002, BHTB6569, B6569, BHTB6817, B6817, BHTB6819, B6819, BHTB7694, B7694, EXO3AH00199SP, EX03AH00199SP, C2252100