Volvo / Mack Radiator (with frame, with oil cooler) fits Volvo VN and Volvo VNL  Photo Main

Volvo / Mack Radiator (with frame, with oil cooler) fits Volvo VN and Volvo VNL

Item # 42075P

This Volvo / Mack radiator constructed with plastic tanks and aluminum core comes WITH a frame and with an oil cooler. This radiator fits the Volvo VN and Volvo VNL. For the same plastic tanks and aluminum core radiator WITHOUT a frame and with oil cooler, see Ace Part # 42076P. For the same radiator, but brass tanks and copper core, see part number 42075C. The core size is 35 3/8 x 35 x 1 7/8. Surge tanks and the components associated with them, are prone to failure. A leak in one of these components in applications where the tank mounts above or alongside the radiator can easily look like a radiator leak from the coolant dripping down onto the radiator. Please inspect the tank and hoses before determining the radiator to be defective, or at fault. Save yourself some time, effort and money!

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OEM PART NUMBERS: 1003607B, 20733351, 06032701, 20700605, 20984815, 1003592A, 1050094, 5061301, 1050090, 3MF520M, 3MF5544M, 5M16053, 1003579, 1003593A, 1050097, 20516414, 20516418, 2MF520M, 4020201, 1102365, 1003579BS, 1003632, 1050120D, 21129347, 1003612, 1003313, 1003592, 3MF5587M2, 3MF5587M3, 1003612CS, 1102313, 3MF5546M, 1003607, 21129519, 3MF5588M, 10023612CS, 2MF520M4, 20984813, 2MF520M3, 25132703, 2MF521M, 20991653, 21129149, 239124, 20984819