Peterbilt Radiator, Fits 357, 375, 378, 379 (5 Row) Photo Main

Peterbilt Radiator, Fits 357, 375, 378, 379 (5 Row)

Item # 41035

This Peterbilt 5 row bolt on radiator with frame, and no oil cooler fits 1998 or older 357, 375, 378, 379. This Peterbilt radiator has a flat fin core design and is not intended for long over the road hauls. This designed so debris can more easily pass through the fins and not become clogged. The core size is 36 1/4 X 34 3/8 X 2 7/8 with 2 1/2" upper left inlet and 3" lower right outlet. This is a wooden crated package.

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OEM PART NUMBERS: 0706657A013, 0705716A011, 0705716A012, 0705716A013, 0705716A014, 0705343, 0705678A001, 076657A011, 070667A011, 0705678A011, 0706657A007, 0706657A011, 0706657A033, 0750676A008, 076657A013, 076657A032, 076657A037, 0705716A001, 0705716A002, 0705716A003, 0705716A004, 0705716A005, 0705716A006, 0705716A007, 705716A008, 0705716A009, 0705716A010, 0706657A014, 0706657A017, 0706657A030, 0706657A031, 0706657A032, 0706657A040, 0706657A012, 706210, IE3816, E3816, 0706657A001, 0705678A028