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Kenworth Radiator, fits T600 and T800

Item # 40501

This Kenworth 4 row bolt together brass tank and copper core radiator with surge tank and without oil cooler has a straight inlet. This radiator fits Kenworth T600 and Kenworth T800. The core size is 40 x 28 1/2 x 2 1/16. Be sure to confirm the OEM part number and your fittings before ordering. This Kenworth radiator has a straight outlet. Other models will have an outlet curved up toward the engine. Comfirm the position of both outlet and inlet on drivers or passenger side.

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OEM PART NUMBERS: X4125, X5101-03, X510103, X5101-04, X510104, 1A020248, E4313, X56013, 1A020248 OTHER INDUSTRY REFERENCE NUMBERS: T64B, BT1110R, X560103, X51013, KEN17, 6500-21BT, X3642