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Peterbilt 5 Row Radiator Core

Item # 31500

This is a Peterbilt 5 row flat fin core with measurements of 36 1/4" x 34 1/8" x 2 3/4." The bolts and gaskets are not included. For the bolt & gasket kit for this 4 row core, please see Ace Part# 91000.

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OEM PART NUMBERS: 07-05678A028, 07-05716A001, 07-05716A002, 07-05716A003, 07-05716A004, 07-05716A005, 07-05716A006, 07-5716A007, 07-05716A008, 07-05716A009, 07-05716A011, 07-05716A012, 07-05716A013, 07-05716A014, 07-05678A011, 07-05678A033, 07-06657A007, 07-06657A011, 07-06657A033, 07-050676A008, 07-06657A013, 07-06657A017, 07-06657A032, 07-06657A037, 07-06657A038, 07-06657A040