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Mack Charge Air Cooler

Item # 24082

FITS: 1987-1994 CH CONVENTIONAL CAB WITH E6, E7 ENGINES 39 3/8 x 21 3/4 x 2 1/4

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OEM PART NUMBERS: 1E3170, 1E3349, 1E3394, 1E3515, IE3170, IE3349, IE3394, IE3515, 3MD16MA, 3MD516AM, 3MD516BM, 3MD516M, 4401-3003, 441111, CAC1119, CAC119, CBMK18A, CB-MK18A, CMK18A, C-MK18A, MAC17310, MK18A, 17V9757, MAC009, PC2919, RHT034, 44MAC18A, SRMMAC18A, FLX010409, AR443003, 44013003, 374118A, DHT18A, DHTMA18A, DURMADAC18A, MADAC18A, 441111U, SCSI1111U, 222082, WSR1119, CAC119, BT1119, BTC1119