Freightliner Charge Air Cooler, Fits C120, FL106, FL120, FLD120, CENTURY CLASS Photo Main

Freightliner Charge Air Cooler, Fits C120, FL106, FL120, FLD120, CENTURY CLASS

Item # 23707

This is a Freightliner charge air cooler that fits C120, FL106, FL120, 2005 FLD120, 1996 to 2015 CENTURY CLASS with 500-550 HP CUMMINS N14, CAT 3406 DETROIT SERIES 60 ENGINES . Core Size: 36 7/8 x 26 1/4 x 2 1/4. This Freightliner charge air cooler has 2 loop mounts on left side. The model you are replacing may have 4 loop mounts. The number of mounting points were reduced to facilitate vibration damping and isolation. This version will replace all earlier OEM mount variations. If you desire the 4 loop mounting, then see Ace Part # 23709.

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OEM PART NUMBERS: 1AA00111S, 1SA00207R, 1SA00209R, 1SA00211R, 2AA00111, 2AH00062, 68924, 72101, A0519502000, BHT1AA00111, BHT1SA00207, BHT1SA00209, BHT1SA00211, BHT2AA00111, BHT2AA40011, BHTD3521, BHTH0578, BHTH0579, BHTH0173, C2266, C2869, D3522, 72102, 72104, 72105, 85107507, A6730, A0519502002, BHTA6729, BHTB5434, B5435, B8672, A0519502001, BHTH0171, BHTH9590, A0519502002, BHT1SA00210, BHT69995, BHT72105, BHT72117, BHTE6125, BHTD9460, 1AA00111, 48596000001, 48596005001, 85103366, BHT68925, 222202, 222038, 222126, 222154, H0578, H0578, H0173, BHTC2266, BHTC2869, BHTD3522, A6729, B5434, BHTB5435, BHTB8672, H0171, H9590, E6125, D9460, D3521, BHTA6730, B8673, D9584, E3761, D9467, BHTC0965, BHTC2313, C2313, C0966, BHTE3760, BHTD9582, BHTE3760, BHTD9464, D9464, D9582, BHTB8673, BHTD9584, BHTE3761, BHTD9467, C0965, BHTC0966, E3760